Seth is great and his insight proves so helpful. He helps me step back and think through the tough stuff that comes with being a (new) business owner. Seth's guidance and ability to help me see things different ways and ask myself better questions which lets me get more out of myself, my business and my personal life. I always look forward to our time together. He's incredibly knowledgable and valuable; take the opportunity to work with Seth and you will grow -and so will your business. - Jason Johnson, Real Estate Photographer, Videographer & Online Marketing Pro

I have shared some clients with Seth over the years. He is very good at helping entrepreneurs focus on those aspects of their business that are most valuable and getting rid of some practices that aren't helping them move forward. That type of coaching has helped many of his clients turn around some bad situations and turn good businesses into great ones. - Andrew Rassi, Schnelker, Rassi & McConnell, PLC

Seth has a tremendous ability to help people grow their business. He makes you step back and really take a hard look at your business to indentify your true strengths and weaknesses. And once those items are indentified, he builds a plan to help you grow. If you are serious about growing your business, you should hire Seth. - Kurt VanDyken, Financial Advisor

Seth has worked patiently with us for one year to organize our business. His questions force us to think deeper and broader than we ever would on our own. Our monthly meetings challenge and steer us forward to building the type of organization that can grow and survive even in challenging times. Seth is very reasonably priced and of great value for what he delivers. I only wish I would have hired him 10 years ago. - Kent Pollard, First Choice Cleaning and Restoration

Seth is one of those rare individuals that has a plethora of knowledge about almost every subject. Additionally, his advice is sound and extremely useful, and his life is a life of integrity and trustworthiness. He's a good friend! - Jeff Modert, Secure Investments, LLC

Seth has been a great help to me and my business. I am able to do a significant more business with less resources because of the coaching and results for Seth's coaching. - Dennis Aukema, Aukeme & Company P.C.

Seth and I first met at BNI in Holland. He Helped in the early stages of Quantum Leap when we were just starting to grow. Seth provided excellent advice and guidance to me and to some of fellow team mates. 
I would highly recommend Seth to help you grow your business. - Ken Fortier, NetPlus Connections

Seth helped bring my company to a new level by taking me through a detailed process of analyzing my needs & overall vision and creating clear solutions to bring me to my goals. I go back to him on many occasions to reassess and work through challenges. I would recommend any business, small or large, to use Seth's expertise to do the same. - Ashley Cole, Ashley Cole Design, Inc.

Seth is an extraordinary business consultant and colleague. I've had the pleasure of working with Seth on multiple occasions and with each project, Seth knew the right questions to ask that would help propel us forward. Seth is also very good at creating communities and connecting people. - Tom Liravongsa, US Manager Quantum Corp.

Seth is a very insightful business coach, and always asks "What do you think?" Thus he wants you to buy in to your own recommendations. Then he challenges you with: "So what are you going to do before next week?" - Steve VanderVeen, Hope College Center for Faithful Leadership, Holland, MI

Every business owner needs someone who they can genuinely go for advice. I for one usually go to someone who's outside of my industry. However, I have not met anyone like Seth Getz. I met Seth at the Warehaus Business Center where my office is located and I can honestly tell you our conversations start off with what fun activity was done with the our kids. I've enjoyed getting to know him and appreciate his knowledge, ideas, and expertise. But most of all, I appreciate being able to talk to him and bounce ideas with out pressure of signing up with his services. Did I mention that our biz plan does state-Year 3...hire a business coach! Take a wild guess who I will be seeking. - Bill Badran, Technology Solutions Innovator

Seth Getz asked pointed questions about my business model and helped me clarify my thinking about GRAPE's current business strategy. All during an informal meeting just to get to know each other better. I'm grateful to have been introduced to Seth and am definitely better off for spending time with him. He is a great asset to the local business community. - John M Potter, Grand Rapids Area Professionals for Excellence (GRAPE)

Seth helps me make more intelligent long-term business decisions. He is enabling me to move from working in my business towards working on it; from operational to strategic. He helps me set worthwhile and realistic goals, then holds me accountable. Instead of handing me answers, Seth leads me to answers by asking questions that require me to research and analyze data. He then helps me draw insights and apply them to my business. Seth’s advice is based on sound resources and his extensive firsthand experience. 
We started by systematizing my web design business and outsourcing work so I could focus on sales and project management. Now our attention is on defining my target market and improving lead conversion. I look forward to seeing how else Seth will improve my business. - Chad Warner, OptimWise

I've worked with Seth on a number of projects in recent years and I would highly recommend him to any small to mid-sized business owner who's looking for a fresh perspective on their business. Seth's unique style enables him to effectively drill-down into problems, often exposing unexpected opportunities. With his broad skill set and extensive experience, Seth can bring measurable value to any leadership team. - Bryan Hauck, Vantaura Energy Services

Dear Seth, Over the last year my business has doubled in size and for the first time I feel that I have control over the growth. Clients have been raving and referring me to others like crazy. I am more profitable than I have ever been and have been enjoying life more than ever. All this growth came after you started coaching me on my business. I feel more in control over my business and its development then I ever have and I have more time than ever to spend with my son. Thank you Seth, I look forward to our ongoing relationship.
Anthony Allinger - Bold Businesses Inc. - Auburn, CA

I have been working through Seth Getz’s Business Mastery course for five years now and found it to be an extremely rewarding investment in my business that has repaid dividends from the very start. In the last year my business has grown but I am working fewer hours, which means more time with my family. I would recommend any one who wants to improve their business and their lives to work with Seth through this process.
Dennis Aukema, CPA - Holland, MI

Working with Seth has been the best investment I have ever made! In just a few short weeks, I learned how to live life more consciously and am moving forward on dreams and goals that I have had for many years, but for some reason thought I couldn’t pursue. He allowed me to discover for myself how to “live life” and not just let life live around me. I have a renewed excitement about my business, as well as increased accomplishment in day-to-day operations.  My business activities are more focused my plans more concrete and my overall life plan is a sharp focus.
Mike McMeniman - Owner, PACE International

Seth Getz is a rare and valuable resource to business owners. The materials that Seth has developed are of outstanding quality and he takes a comfortable but persistent approach in helping companies that wow their customers, motivate employees and create businesses that run beautifully without the owners constant oversight.
Richard Wroten - First Horizon Home Loans - Grand Rapids, MI

Before I started working with you I felt like I was adrift on the sea of business, grabbing what nuggets and truths of information I was able to absorb by chance along the way.  But now you have allowed me to step out of the muddy-ness of my own ignorance about business and give way to a more clear direction.  I am beginning to actually formulate a plan through a set of systems, tailor-made to my business. Business has increased and for the first time I don’t feel more pressured because of it. Thanks so much.
Bob Feifar – President, Feifar Productions

I just wanted to write you a letter and thank you for the opportunity that I have had to work with you as my personal business coach over the past 2 years.  I cannot put into words the impact that you have made on my Real Estate career.  You have challenged me to think outside the box and to not settle for good but to become great at the ventures that I peruse. I definitely have been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with someone as knowledgeable and experienced as you.  I can confidently say that a large part of my success is due to the principles and systems that you have helped me establish throughout my business.
Lindsay Van Duinen - Smith-Diamond Realty – Grand Rapids, MI

I had the opportunity to work with Seth as an intern during the early stages of the Warehaus coworking space he helped create. Seth was a great leader, had exceptional communication skills and really went out of his way to help me have the best possible experience with Warehaus. He has been an integral part in making Warehaus the successful business it has become. - Dan Chamness, Incoming Financial Analyst at Amazon

Seth has been kind enough to sit with me and talk me through the many struggles a start-up encounters as it matures: He's mentored me through things such as processes, scaling in size, and defining my products. Above all, Seth is passionate and caring. He is cares deeply about the community that he lives in and the individuals that he spends so much time with over coffee. He is also passionate about helping those businesses succeed – and he's great at providing hands on advice about how to do so! - Tim Haines, Digital Media Specialist


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