Speaking for Business Groups

Small Business speaker and workshop leader

Seth Getz Speaking to Business Groups

     Business & Life Strategist
  • Helped 1000’s of business owners create the life they wanted.
  • Led national workshops and conferences of business leaders
  • Named as a top 40 business leader under the age of 40, three times

     Seth has worked with

  • Industry associations
  • Many Chamber of Commerces
  • Economic development organisations


Topics include:

Why you should never balance work and life again

The purpose of your life is not to serve your business;
but the purpose of your business is to serve your life, to give you more of it.

Life is not a balancing act. We’ve been told that we need to strive for that balance though, in all of the areas of our life. Unfortunately, that means one area is always taking away from other areas. Everything demands more time. But, how much time do you have? Throw in time for church, community organizations, friends, etc. all vying for that same slice of pie that is your 168 hours each week.

The end result is that nothing gets the time and attention they deserve, and you are left feeling stretched, guilty, and disappointed.

What if life is a like spiritual dance? Instead of segmenting our lives, we should be living in its highest ends. Instead of trying to cheat the clock we should be moving through its flow. What if we could embrace our unique messiness of life and thrive in the flow of it?

I talk about:
How priorities are different from goals
Living and working in the priorities of life
How living out those priorities affects your decisions
When it’s okay to focus time and when it’s okay to free time
How to examine what your are doing for work and determine if that work is just trading time for money or does it give you more life.


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