You are Created to Create

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At the conclusion of creation, God created mankind as the pinnacle of His creation. As he created man he said, “let us make man in our own image”.

What exactly does that mean? Well, there is a lot in that statement, but let me bring out one point: Until this time, the greatest amount of self-revelation from God was that he was an intensively creative being. His creative work was insanely diverse, ascetically beautiful and profoundly functional. At the conclusion of this creative burst and self revelation he said let us make man in our own image.

What does this mean to us, his created beings? 

Would I be wrong in saying this a calling to creativity, a mandate to being an artist in some way? Are you called as an image-bearer of a creative God to be likewise creative? Are you called to create things both functional and beautiful?

God didn't create everything that could be created, he created a creative being and called them to be creative. If you aren't being an artist and designing, then it begs the question: Will you ever be fulfilled as a person? You were made to create and build.

We have developed this idea that there are some people who are creative and some who aren't. We look at artists, musicians, and crafty people and we say they are "creative." 

"I'm just not creative," we say to ourselves. But wait-- you were both made in the image of your creator. You have every bit of imagination faculty that they do. So why are there some who are considered creative and others who aren't?

At some point in your past, you were told or you told yourself that you just weren't the creative type and you believed that lie. I was told this and I believed the lie. I was told that I wasn't a writer, that I just didn't have any ability to draw, that I was more analytical than creative (as if they are antithetical). I can't even tell you where those lies came from, but as a result of believing those lies I never exercised my imagination in those areas for years, never realizing the latent creativity i had at my disposal. I am still trying to counteract my belief in those lies

You have been given this life with all the building blocks and blank canvases you could ever want. What are you doing with it?

Society will try to make you a conformist. Just look at our school system-- creativity is relegated to a few narrow subjects. Interestingly, the church has become a place of conformity where people are pressured to conform not to the image of their creator but into the image of a "Christian". There is very little place in the church for most people to exercise any creativity. It's interesting how in the area of Music the church is typically 10-50 years behind the rest of culture. Why doesn't the church lead the way in this very significant culturally-altering area? Why do most people feel that they need to exercise their creativity in areas outside of the church? Why is the church fighting this creativity and ending up playing catchup in these creative areas? Your creator called you to be creative.

Stop living a non-creative life. Yes, your current job might not have a place for you to fully exercise your creative abilities, so let that job pay the bills while you start living your life. What dreams have you had, what latent abilities have you never put to use?
Are you bringing your imagination, your creativity to your work, home and church? 


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