When you're going in the wrong direction don't keep going

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car turning around before flood

Sometimes the ability to pivot (which is a nice word that means “you made a mistake, now change”) is what makes all the difference in the career of an Entrepreneur. 

You pivot when you realize that your idea or the direction you were planning on going in wasn’t going to work out like you thought. So, you do a nice 3-point turn, and shift direction.

A good pivot (or in this gif, a good 3 point turn) makes all the difference. Sometimes it’s best to not wait around or to stubbornly persist even when you see the tide is against your idea.

There is this motivational saying that "quitters never win, and winners never quit." This false idea comes as a result of survivorship bias where you can look back at people who are "winners" and notice that they never quit on the one thing that they became a winner at. But what isn't mentioned is just how many things they did "quit" on in life in order to arrive at the point where they found what they were meant to do and be able to focus on that one thing.

Being willing to change your plans, your ideas, your career. Don't  change your dreams, just maybe your way of accomplishing those dreams.

Also, please don’t confuse principles with ideas. 

Pivot your ideas rapidly if necessary, but your principles? Never.

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