Well, That's Just Not Professional

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A bit of humor can go along way to making your business/brand relatable and talked about. A friend snapped this picture and shared it because it was funny. This gave Virgin Airlines some free advertising.

funny sign of plane delay due to rabid badger

You may think, "well, that just isn’t professional"… know what really isn’t professional? Declaring bankruptcy because no one ever talks about you and you have this stuck up attitude around the idea of “being professional”.

Airlines that use a lot of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously:

Airlines that are all worried about their professional image:
and so many others that I don’t have the time or the energy to list.

Now, which group has never declared bankruptcy and which group has declared bankruptcy over and over and over again?

Sometimes it's best to not take your business too seriously, get over this fear of not being professional.
Are you taking your business to seriously? For more information on how to remain professional while creating your persona, visit my page Who & Why or send me an email at sethgetz@gmail.com.


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