The Impact of Masterful Storytelling

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First Question: Can a Gum commercial make you cry in 60 seconds? 

Second question: Will it make you buy any of their gum?

Great stories can be incredible, but if they don’t move you to action, then it is an ineffective commercial. Sometimes the art of something makes it an incredible selling tool but I have also seen where the artistry can actually get in the way of selling. One of the worst reasons I have heard about why a company went with a advertisement is that "the business owner liked it."

I don't care if you liked it, I only care if it sells.

Have you tested it? Have you seen that it actually drives people to buy your product? Don't be lead down the very expensive path of brand awareness marketing. Sorry, but if you are reading this blog, then you likely don't have the budget of Coca-Cola in order to develop Brand awareness. Advertisers and artists will try to get you to fund their brand awareness campaigns because they get to put their art on display and sell advertising space.

But either way, watch the commercial-- it is a masterful use of story telling. It just doesn't do much to make me buy it... in fact, right now, I can't remember what the brand of gum they are trying to promote, I just know they have silver wrappers.

As creative writing advertiser William Bernbach once said, "Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

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