If Life Gives you Rain, Make Art

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"when life gives you lemons, make orange juice
and leave life wondering how you did it." - unknown

Check out this short clip of a man who decided to make the world a more interesting place through a unique approach to outdoor artwork.

Rainworks: Art that appears when it rains.

Watching this video was interesting for me. You know that I am always thinking about business, business models, and Return on Equity (I'm the guy watching the fireworks and wondering the ROI to the municipality) and so watching this I wondered why he would do these things and how you could possibly make a business out of it. But I realized that sometimes it's about being creative, about making art, about expressing oneself, about maybe making someone else's day better.

Tree Meme

Here is a young man who used his creativity, put two and two together and made something interesting that no one had ever really done before. Where he goes with it is an open question, maybe nowhere but I can guarantee you that what he has done has inspired creativity in others who will take his idea to the next level.

What are you doing that is creative, what are you involved in that is making the world a more interesting place?

I mean, it's going to rain no matter what. Why not do something cool with it?
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