What to look for in a potential business partner?


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I was recently at a entrepreneurial pitch night where people with an idea, pitch that idea to potential partners. It was a lot of fun and a great night, but afterward, I was thinking about what one should look for in a potential business partner of any kind.

The first thing to look for is passion. Without passion, why bother?

But there has to be more than passion because just like in a romantic relationship, passion is easy to come by. In marriage, it takes more than just passion to make it across the finish line.

You are looking for someone who has the character to take hard hits and overcome obstacles. Someone who will “stick with it” even when times become very challenging. You want to find someone who won’t give up in the hard times. Find someone who will really believe in the worst of times.

Someone who comes upon each challenge with hope and stamina. Avoid people who are going to feel sorry for themselves (self-pity is a huge time waster. It’s self-centered and keeps you focused on the problem instead of looking for a solution).

So here is an (admittedly incomplete) list of what to look for in a potential business partner:
1. Passion - without it, why bother?
2. Character - passion without character will often create failure
3. Stamina - Can they take hard hits and still keep coming with a good attitude?
Is there anything else I am missing? For more information about how to enhance your business, visit my page Who & Why or send me an email at sethgetz@gmail.com.


  1. One could be "Experience". It is important for a partner to bring something tangible to the table. Ideas are good. Ideas that have been proven to work over time are better.

  2. Your post speaks the truth, Seth. Experience, could be important but if you have someone that has the other three traits, their experience can be learned.

    I think what I have learned most being in a partnership is that if everyone is in constant communication with all potential levels of concerns, and is willing to make sacrifices for the cause. It is harmony.


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