Jumping over the chasm, taking a leap of faith

 I was recently talking with my wife, Marie, about an opportunity that lay before us for some exhilarating fun. But as we talked about it we both confessed fears that we had along the lines of:
  • Shouldn’t we be saving our money or spending it on something else?
  • Shouldn’t we spend our time doing something else more profitable?
  • What happens if ___________________?

All of these are valid questions and worth consideration, but I realized that underneath all these fears there was a fear of doing something, a fear of change, a fear of stepping out. 

This caused me to go back and reexamine those stated fears.
  • Shouldn’t we be saving our money or spending it on something else?
I am a person who saves and considers the future, but I had to ask myself, what do I save for? I save for opportunities just like this. So why not take advantage of the opportunity that is in front of me?
  • Shouldn’t we spend our time doing something else more profitable?
Truth be told, if we don’t pursue this opportunity. we will most likely spend our time exactly as we have in the past-- which isn’t necessarily boring or unprofitable nor is it as exhilarating, fun and profitable as the opportunity that lays in front of us. Time will move forward whether you jump on for the ride or not.
  • What happens if ___________________?
Let me ask you, what happens if you do nothing? Many of the same dangers and potential problems will be there either way.
I came to the realization that as I looked back over my life I have many regrets. I have done many embarrassing things that I wish I hadn’t, but that embarrassment fades over time. I have done things that have hurt others and myself but that pain goes away and you often find yourself better for it. I have damaged relationships but most of the time those relationships have come back stronger. I have messed things up and it seemed like a big deal at the time but in retrospect it was insignificant. All in all, I realized that I have few serious regrets about things that I have done but I have very serious regrets about things that I didn’t do and those have never lessened with the passing of time.
"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."
  - Sydney J. Harris {1917-1986 American Journalist & Author}
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Do you find yourself calling in sick for work often? Or maybe you're unhappy while you're there? 

A recent study suggests that the #1 way to stay happy and healthy at work is to stand up and stretch regularly. Therefore, I took their advice. 

Switching to a Stand-Up Desk

Adjustable standing desks are rising in popularity for those of us working in environments that require all-day communication face-to-face with computers and documents on our desks. These environments cause us to lean forward-- all because we are fatigued from sitting all day in a chair. 

I recently took my computer desk and raised it 17 inches from its normal height, allowing me to stand up rather than sit in a chair during my work day.

It is has significantly changed the way I complete tasks throughout the day. I have (rather surprisingly) found it to be very comfortable. My wife will tell you that for years, whenever I am on the phone, I never sit down. I pace about the room, as it helps me to think while I speak.

I have found many positive advantages to setting up my desk in this way. 

Better energy. I find myself with greater energy and interest to perform tasks and complete goals by standing at my desk rather than sitting down.

Minimized "slump." The typical "slump" associated with spending time on the computer is significantly decreased.

Better posture. By standing, I am more aware of my posture than I am when I am sitting down.

Higher animation and engagement. During phone conversations, I find my voice to come across more animated and interesting because I am speaking in a way that increases my natural way of speaking.

Increase in kinesthetic learning. My learning style is kinesthetic, and this desk allows me to move about the room while I am typing or reading to increase my capacity to learn, retain, and organize the information I am engaging with. 
With that in mind, I'd take my stand-up desk over a regular desk any day-- and I would encourage you to do the same. 

For anyone who is curious about how I made this stand up desk it was a simple DIY project.

I happen to live close to the Hayworth company outlet store and I found they were having a sale. So I picked up the stand brand new in a box with the adjustable crank for a total of $36 I am still pinching myself. I also picked up the top at the same time, it's a simple top with nothing really interesting about it but it works well and it was only $5. So for $41 I have a great stand-up desk.

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